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bebeh_girl [userpic]


November 23rd, 2005 (10:30 am)
she's feeling: Happy
hoooked: Family Guy theme song

Top 10 things that make you happy right now, and tag 5 people to do the same.

1. Joshua Curran <3
2. Christmas shopping with Mommy
3. Thanksgiving and eating a whole lot of food
4. My M.A.C. makeup
5. Going to work and seeing all the co-workers
6. The thought of accessorizing for work
7. Cooking & baking for Thanksgiving
8. Christmas time and the whole feel of it
9. Family <3
10. Being so happy that no bitch could ruin it!

Just thought that this was too cool

bebeh_girl [userpic]

Hayy Bitches!

October 29th, 2005 (11:03 pm)

Yee Haww..Collapse )

Work was fricken fun today, all we did was laugh at each other and make stupid ass jokes, the time went by fast and it was all good cuz the sooner I got to go home. During break, me and Miechel talked about our boyfriends and our past and everything bad and good that has happened between us. We're fucking stupid together but it's all cool because that girl is fucking crazy like me!! But for real! I trip on her.. you wouldn't believe, but it's true and it's frickin` shocking, when she told me I was like "heh, what the fuck!" But I love the girl anyway, EVEN IF she cannot give in! Hah! Both my co-workers were going to Halloween parties tonight and everyone was talking about dressing up so I decided to dress up too, I'm gonna be a Cowgirl, I already have my cowboy hat form senior portraits plus a bunch of shit that I can already use so what the hells! It's gonna be fun because every one is coming over and we're gonna eat pizza and go trick'or'treating, I'm gonna try and take off on Tuesday or switch with someone, so I'm gonna go in on Monday and try to find someone to switch shifts with me. Anyways... LIFE is good, love is good, family is good, everything in life is how it should be and I'm blessed to be so happy!

bebeh_girl [userpic]

Family is Love

October 21st, 2005 (08:43 am)

We're going out tonight! Finallllllllllllyyyyy!! I've been waiting for forevers where I don't work night on weekends. But yes, we're going out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's then probably to Ward and watching movies. I'm excited. Besides that, I get paid today and it's Employee Appreciation which means that we all get an extra 50% off! Yesterday I went out with my grandma them. Hah, I loved it though, I had a load of fun because every second I'm laughing at the funny things they do! I swear old people can crack the shit out of you. Anyways, we dropped my Aunty off to return to our HOMETOWN Maui, and before she left she slapped a 100 dollars in my hand, she's like here... Oh lawd. I got excited. Before that we ate lunch at McDonalds, went to the Navy Exchange and grandma bought me a G-UNIT jacket, she just grabbed it from me and says "I'll buy that for you =)" Spending time with them today really shows me how much life would such without them.. They're everything to me and like family, no matter what, they'll never turn their back on you, they'll never lie to your face, they'll never get upset at you over little things that don't matter, and they'll never ever change their love for you. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful family such as mines, everything else can such shit because what I have is real...

ANYWAYS.. I work today at 11 so I gotta get my ass ready soon, heading to McDonalds to eat cuz I'ma hungry! Daddy leaves for Vegas in December & I need to start planning the party. whooo. I'm excited!!

bebeh_girl [userpic]

Ice Ice Baby

September 10th, 2005 (02:05 pm)

Loves It <3Collapse )

bebeh_girl [userpic]

First 1/2 Day of School =)

August 22nd, 2005 (08:53 am)
she's feeling: loved
hoooked: One Groove- All My Life

I Promise to Be True to Only You, All My LifeCollapse )

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